Here at Cassidy Construction, we specialize in excavation and grading. We work with residential, industrial and commercial clients to fill their excavation needs. 


  • Digging and Trenching: We are able to dig trenches for utilities, septic, drains, drain field, electrical, pipes.

  • House Foundation: We will complete your house foundation from excavation, to backfill and grading. We will also set up site services and complete inspections with your local city inspector. Customers living in a rural areas often require house and laneway excavation, as well as septic system installation. We can beat competitors prices as we have the knowledge, equipment and expertise to do the entire project without having to subcontract out the work.

  • Excavation of Ponds, Pools, and more: With our extensive knowledge of water drainage and landscape grading, we can excavate your pool or pond with minimal disturbance to the land. We will always keep water flow and drainage as a top priority with any excavation project to ensure you do not have issues down the road.

  • Fine grading for topsoil, parking lots, laneways and more: Grading is often the final step of excavation, and one of the most important. In the case of a residential home or commercial building, poor lot grading can actually be a cause of basement flooding. The function of lot grading is to direct rain water away from the home or building. With our knowledge of water flow and drainage, we can ensure a proper grade to a specified slope depending on the needs of the property.

House Excavation and Backfill in London, ON.

Grading of lot in Varna, ON.

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